Senior Software Engineer, Product

In this role, you will design services and leverage cloud infrastructure to build resilient and scalable data platform infrastructure to enable data access and management.

What you bring to the team

  • Proven track record of designing and delivering software solutions
  • Experience architecting interfaces and service specifications
  • Ability to work independently and focus on impactful features
  • Extensive background in JVM based languages (Java, Scala, Kotlin, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate with others

What gives you an edge

  • Understanding of java based service frameworks like Spring or Quarkus
  • Experience with big data processing technologies (e.g. Spark, Trino/Presto, Druid)
  • Familiarity with one or more cloud platforms
  • In-depth knowledge of containerized platforms like Kubernetes
  • Background in databases or data engineering

About Tabular

The Tabular team has deep experience with open source big data projects and comes from data engineering and platform teams at Netflix, where Apache Iceberg was created. We think data engineers, analysts, and scientists are most effective when they can focus on building reliable data products and answering questions, not fighting infrastructure. We’re creating a new data platform that automates maintenance and optimization to protect people from tedious concerns, while enabling them to work with the same data simultaneously across Spark, Trino, Flink, and other engines. The core of Tabular is the open source standard for huge analytic tables, Apache Iceberg.

  • We are a remote-first company. You can work from anywhere, as long as we can legally pay you and your working hours have a reasonable overlap with the rest of the team.
  • We care about impact, not hours. How much time off you take is up to you—coordinated with your manager to avoid support gaps.
  • Employees are important to us and so we have excellent benefits plans for both individuals and families.
  • We want to build an inclusive workplace where everyone feels able to be themselves and contribute their best work, and we believe that hiring from diverse backgrounds and networks will help us build a better company.

The opportunity

As an early-stage startup, Tabular is looking for builders who like to get things done, solve challenging problems, and teach others. We are searching for great developer advocates that can help us support the Iceberg community and make it thrive. This is a high-impact opportunity to be the first advocate working in a community that has seen incredible growth in the past year.

Additionally, you will be able to use your community perspective to shape Tabular’s data platform.

The salary range for this position is between $60,000 and $240,000, depending on experience.

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