What is Tabular?

Tabular is a central table store for all your analytic data that can be used anywhere … and it’s self-optimizing to speed up your queries while reducing your cloud storage costs up to 50%.

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"Tabular is the platform we’ve always wanted as experts that pioneered big data architecture in the cloud — it combines the freedom to use any query engine or compute framework with the guarantees, reliability, and security of a traditional data warehouse."


Tabular tables are continuously optimized to make your queries run faster and keep your S3 costs low. Customers have seen total warehouse size automatically reduced by up to 50%, and queries that run in half the time and resources.

Tabular’s automated analysis will tune your tables as data changes or new query patterns show up. Using the optimal settings for each table, Tabular automatically clusters and compacts your tables to keep them at top performance and to free you from worrying about file sizes.

Secure by design

Tabular secures tables in your S3 bucket using role-based access control policies. Use any engine or framework and be confident your data is protected, without needing to lock down every engine separately.

All data accesses and access control decisions are easy to understand and audit using log tables in your warehouse. Tabular gives you clarity into where your data is flowing and why.

Tabular warehouses also keep you up-to-date with best practices so you’re prepared for disasters and protected against malicious actors.

Painless data infrastructure

Stop wasting energy running infrastructure and table maintenance. You can get set up in a couple minutes with Tabular’s managed data catalog, access controls, and data services. Best of all, the data is stored in your AWS account and bucket.

It’s easy to connect your query engine of choice — including Athena, Starburst Galaxy, Snowflake, Trino, and Apache Spark. Tabular handles data retention, routine maintenance, and cleanup in your warehouse automatically. Tabular warehouses also come with modern catalog features that make life easier, like dropped table recovery.

Built on open standards

Tabular is built on open standards to ensure your data is secure while being universally and easily accessible.

Access is managed using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect so your data is safe but easy to connect to when you need it.

Tables are powered by Apache Iceberg, the modern foundation for cloud data warehouses that makes data problems disappear — Iceberg just works the way you expect.

Compatibility & Connetivity

All free and paid tiers of Tabular are compatible with:

  • Snowflake
  • Athena
  • Starburst Galaxy
  • EMR
  • Spark
  • Trino
  • Flink
  • DuckDB
  • PyArrow