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We’re building your new data platform

Tabular is building an independent cloud-native data platform powered by the open source standard for huge analytic datasets, Apache Iceberg. The platform isn’t public yet, but please reach out to learn more!

Cloud native tables

Designed from the ground up for cloud object stores

Any compute framework

Seamlessly work in Trino, Spark, Flink, and more without copying your data everywhere

Own your data

Your data should live in your AWS account, where you have full control

No unpleasant surprises

Data infrastructure should do exactly what you expect and be nearly invisible

Founding Team

Ryan Blue

Ryan Blue

Co-founder, CEO

Ryan co-created Apache Iceberg at Netflix. He is an Apache member, PMC chair of Apache Iceberg, and a PMC member of Parquet and Avro.

Daniel Weeks

Daniel Weeks

Co-founder, Head of Engineering

Dan co-created Apache Iceberg at Netflix, where he led the Big Data Compute team that created Iceberg to improve the Spark and Trino compute engines.

Jason Reid

Jason Reid

Co-founder, Head of Product

Jason leads Product at Tabular, after leading data engineering at Netflix as Director of Data Architecture.

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