The fast path from zero to Iceberg

Tabular is a storage platform from the original creators of Apache Iceberg


Connect multiple compute engines and frameworks


Decrease query time and storage costs by up to 50%


Centralize enforcement of data access (RBAC) policies

An independent data platform that makes Iceberg easy

Use any compute engine or framework

Connect any query engine or framework, including Athena, BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks, Trino, Spark and Python.

Effortless speed and savings

Smart compaction, clustering and other automated data services reduce storage costs and query times by up to 50%.

Centralize your security down to the table

Unify data access at the database or table. RBAC controls are simple to manage, consistently enforced, and easy to audit.

The power of open standards

Recent recognition

We are excited to be featured as a Rising Star in the Forbes 2022 Cloud 100!

Tabular is honored to be recognized in The Information’s 50 Most Promising Startups list.

100 transformative companies in cloud infrastructure

Tabular was named to the inaugural InfraRed 100 by Redpoint Ventures.

Apache Iceberg was named one of the Top 3 Data and AI Open Source Projects to Watch.