Guides, papers and tutorials

  • Iceberg-Trino Cheat Sheet

    This one pager covers procedures in Trino for configuring catalogs, table operations, querying and writing data and executing stored procedures.

  • Iceberg Spark Cheat Sheet

    A handy reference guide to procedures for handling catalogs, table operations, queries, writes and Spark stored procedures for maintenance operations.

  • Iceberg 101 presentation

    This presentation covers the origins of Iceberg, its key innovations, the advantages it brings to storage, the use cases it unlocks and how it’s metadata structure works.

  • [Tutorial] Using Trino and Iceberg together

    See how to use Trino’s support for Apache Iceberg, including MERGE, UPDATE and DELETE.

  • [Tutorial] Connecting Starburst Galaxy to Tabular

    This tutorial will help you connect to Tabular from Starburst Galaxy, a managed SQL engine from the creators of Trino.