Tabular & Apache Iceberg in the News

  • PRESS RELEASE | Iceberg Summit Unveils Speaker Lineup for May 14-15 Free, Virtual Event

    Today the Iceberg Summit Selection Committee announced the lineup of speakers for the first Iceberg Summit: a free, virtual event being held May 14-15, 2024. Organized by Tabular and Dremio, and sanctioned by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the Summit gathers leading data developers and practitioners who have implemented or are exploring the use of Apache Iceberg, the leading open table format. The summit will be the first event dedicated to Apache Iceberg, spanning two days with more than 30 sessions.
  • The parts, pieces and future of composable data systems

    This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas chat with a panel of experts as Wes McKinnyey (Cofounder, Voltron), Ryan Blue (Co-Founder and CEO, Tabular), Chris Riccomini (Seed Investor, Various Startups), Pedro Pedreira (Software Engineer, Meta), all share their thoughts around the topic of composable data stacks. 
  • Getting ready for the sixth data platform

    In the next three to five years, we believe a set of intelligent data apps will emerge requiring a new type of modern data platform to support them. We refer to this as a sixth data platform
  • Tabular, the ‘independent data platform’ from Apache Iceberg creators, scores $26M

    California-based Tabular, an independent data platform built by the creators of Apache Iceberg, today announced $26 million in a fresh round of funding. The company said it plans to use the capital to grow its offering and end ‘data lock-in’ by giving enterprises the option to evolve their architecture as needs change and new technologies emerge.
  • Tabular, the vendor-neutral data store based on Apache Iceberg, raises $26M in funding

    Blue and Weeks built Iceberg to overcome the challenges they came across when trying to use existing data lake formats such as Apache Hive, Apache Impala and Apache Spark. The problem is that those formats are all tied to primary engines and sometimes even single providers, meaning users don’t have the flexibility to use the analytics engine of their choice.
  • Tabular’s Iceberg vision goes from Netflix and chill to database thrill

    Promise of neutral data layer between vendors’ vested interests attracts $26M.
  • Tabular architectural diagram

    PRESS RELEASE | Tabular Secures $26M for Independent Data Platform based on Apache Iceberg

    SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tabular, the provider of the only independent data platform based on Apache Iceberg, announced it has closed a $26M funding round, bringing total investment in the company to $37M. The round was led by Altimeter Capital, with participation from Andreessen Horowitz, which led the previous funding round, as well as Zetta Venture Partners.
  • Tabular Plows Ahead with Iceberg Data Service, $26M Round

    Apache Iceberg appears to have the inside track to become the defacto standard for big data table formats at this point. And with today’s $26 million round, the company behind the open source project, Tabular, is better positioned to continue developing an automated Iceberg data management service that can make a messy data lake function like a refined–and open–data warehouse.
  • AWS and IBM Netezza come out in support of Iceberg in table format face-off

    Cloud giant AWS has picked table format Apache Iceberg to extend the reach of its Redshift data warehouse to data lakes, in a move replicated by IBM’s Netezza last week.
  • Streaming from Apache Iceberg – Building Low-Latency and Cost-Effective Data Pipelines

    Steven Wu discusses the design of the Flink Iceberg, comparing the Kafka and Iceberg sources for streaming and how the Iceberg streaming source can power many common stream processing use cases.
  • ‘One engine, many ways to query’: New table modes for Snowflake Iceberg buttress the ethos

    Iceberg is our way to meet customers where they are,” he said. “If someone already invested in having tens or hundreds of petabytes of data in parquet files in cloud storage, I don’t know that we need to force anyone down any one path. One of the big announcements today is these two modes of iceberg unified tables. 
  • Cloudera Sees Iceberg Everywhere

    Cloudera gave its hybrid cloud customers a big boost today when it announced on-prem support for the Apache Iceberg table format. 
  • Transform your Apache Iceberg lakehouse with BigLake

    To help customers on this journey, we announced support for Iceberg through BigLake in October, 2022. Since its preview, many customers have started building lakehouse workloads using Apache Iceberg as their data management layer, and this support is now generally available.
  • IBM Embraces Iceberg, Presto in New watsonx Data Lakehouse

    IBM yesterday unveiled, a new data lakehouse offering for cloud and on-prem that will use object storage and Apache Iceberg, an open data format. Big Blue launched two other offerings in the new watsonx family yesterday at its annual THINK conference, including watsonx.AI and watsonx.governance.
  • Tabular launches with the promise of a ‘headless’ data warehouse

    Developers of Apache Iceberg — the open-source project that originated at Netflix — have launched sign-up of their first product, a data platform for the open table format, which has won support from industry big hitters including Cloudera, Google and Snowflake.