Tabular is a serverless, managed cloud storage platform built on Apache Iceberg. Iceberg is a popular open source table format for big data that provides data warehouse behavior on a data lake, and is in production at scale in data-rich companies like Netflix, Apple, Stripe and Pinterest.  Tabular’s founders Ryan Blue and Daniel Weeks created Iceberg while at Netflix.

A key component of the Tabular platform is a catalog, which is fully compatible with the Iceberg REST protocol.  Tabular provides the following services:

Tabular pricing is consumption-based and predictable. There is a free tier for smaller projects.

Tabular deploys as a SaaS offering, or a Tabular-managed service deployed into the customer’s cloud account. 

  • De-risks and speeds up bringing Iceberg to production
  • Reduces storage and query costs
  • Continuously ingests data into Iceberg 
  • Improves slow query performance
  • Reduces data copying 
  • Unifies RBAC across compute methods
  • Iceberg table data and metadata resides in your account in the open Iceberg format.
  • All data is secured by Tabular  RBAC policies. Any engine can connect using the Iceberg REST catalog protocol.
  • It runs background tasks to responsively optimize the file system as new data arrives and query patterns change. 
  • Tabular does not sit in the data path. 

Tabular customers span a number of industries, and include:

  • A top 10 gaming company
  • A top 20 financial technology company
  • A top 10 real estate marketplace

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