February 2023 - Iceberg Community News


Iceberg Updates

  • Flink support for inspecting metadata tables (Liwei Li)
  • Flink write and read support for branch and tag (Amogh and Liwei Li)
  • Flink read and write support for Avro GenericRecord (Steven Wu)
  • Implemented branch commits for all operations (Namratha Keshavaprakash & Amogh Jahagirdar)
  • DDL support for tags and branches (Amogh, Liwei, Xuwei, and Chidayong)
  • Added branch/tag support to VERSION AS OF in Spark (Jack Ye)
  • Added position deletes metadata table (Szehon Ho)
  • Added a Snowflake catalog (Dennis Huo)
  • REST catalog supports lazy snapshot loading (Daniel Weeks)
  • Added DynamoDB catalog support in Python (Armin)
  • Updated Spark to remove filters that are completely pushed down (Anton Okolnychyi)
  • Added Delta to Iceberg table conversion (Rushan and Eric)
  • Added SQL view representation implementation (Amogh)
  • Added S3 REST Signer client + REST spec (Eduard Tudenhoefner)



PyIceberg updates

Version 0.3.0 was released. The new release includes the following, for more details, please refer to the PRs:

More information can be found on the project site, and the installer can be found here

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Senior Software Engineer, OSS

Improve Apache Iceberg by building new capabilities for Tabular and the community

Senior Software Engineer, Product

Design services and using cloud infrastructure to build a resilient and scalable data platform

Senior UI Engineer

Design and implement Tabular’s user experience, where people will create, monitor, and manage their data platform

Developer Advocate

Build examples to solve real-world challenges, write tutorials that help developers succeed, and be a community liaison

Developer Experience Engineer

Build technical documentation and tutorials, assist in maintaining the release processes, and lower the time to dopamine (TTD) of developers using Apache Iceberg