Query Iceberg using Snowflake

Tabular is the easiest and most secure way to integrate Snowflake and data lake engines like Spark.

Tabular is a secure table store that unifies data warehouses and data lakes. You can use one copy of your data and one set of access controls everywhere. Tabular supports Snowflake alongside data lake engines like Spark, Flink, and Trino.

Tabular automatically creates and updates external Iceberg tables in Snowflake anytime a Tabular table changes.

Snowflake is always accessing the most recent data in the table without any additional pipelines to build or maintain.

Because Tabular managed tables are self-optimizing, Snowflake queries are incredibly performant.

Tabular’s automated optimization services ensure that Snowflake can take full advantage of Iceberg’s native indexing capabilities. Reading the smallest amount of data necessary dramatically improves overall query performance and reduces cost.

With Tabular, organizations can take full advantage of the open Apache Iceberg table format while keeping all the benefits of SQL-based data warehouses like Snowflake:

  • Role-based access controls
  • Schema evolution
  • Indexed data and metadata
  • Automated maintenance and optimization

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