Mirroring Database Tables to Apache Iceberg Using CDC

Make data broadly available while maintaining isolation

Wednesday, November 15

10:00 AM Pacific Time

Jason Reid, Head of Product
Cliff Gilmore, Principal Solutions Architect

Mirroring tables from databases such as Postgres, MySQL or Oracle into a data lake makes transaction data broadly available for analytics while maintaining isolation for transactional databases.

Join Tabular head of product Jason Reid and principal solutions architect Cliff Gilmore as they discuss:

  • Why CDC is technically challenging, including the need to create workload isolation, ensure strong consistency, and handle schema evolution
  • Iceberg techniques to address common CDC challenges include using append-only change logs, continuous processing, MERGE patterns, and delta files to avoid write amplification
  • A live CDC to Iceberg demo combining Debezium, the Kafka Connect Iceberg sink, and Tabular’s serverless CDC merge capabilities