Tabular 101 | Your Easy Button for Apache Iceberg

The Apache Iceberg open table format is changing the game, enabling cloud storage to be treated as a separate independent layer that can be accessed by multiple compute engines, while providing data warehouse (SQL) behavior and performance.

This webinar will walk you through Tabular, a serverless storage engine that was built by the original creators of Apache Iceberg to act as your “easy button” for standing up an Iceberg-based data architecture. 

Jason Reid, head of product at Tabular and the 1st Iceberg “customer” while director of data engineering at Netflix, will discuss and demonstrate the following:

  • Overview – the Tabular catalog, services and architecture
  • Benefits of Tabular over open source Iceberg
  • Loading data – ingestion, CDC, event streaming
  • Connecting compute
  • Continuous table optimization – industry’s best performance
  • Centralized RBAC & data privacy / protection
  • Automated table maintenance
  • Serverless operation