iceberg community news june 2023

Iceberg updates

The community is currently actively working on View supportMulti-Table Transactions, and a new pyiceberg 0.4.0 release. Below is a list of noteworthy items that made it into Iceberg.

PyIceberg updates

PyIceberg 0.4.0 has been released, which brings:

More information can be found on the project site, and the package is available on PyPI.

Iceberg in the industry

  • Oracle adds cross cloud support for Iceberg from ADW
  • Google BigQuery Iceberg support is now GA
  • LakeFS adds support for Iceberg
  • Berlin Buzzwords – Fokko Driesprong: Tip of the Iceberg (video)
  • Snowflake – Ryan Blue: Getting Started With Apache Iceberg With Project (video)
  • Trino – Ryan Blue: CDC patterns in Apache Iceberg (video)
  • Informatica – Informatica Announces SuperPipe for Snowflake with Up to 3.5x Faster Data Integration and Replication

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