December 2022 - Iceberg Community News


Iceberg Updates

Version 1.1 was released, which added API stability guarantees, in addition to these highlights:

  • Puffin Stats Files
  • Branching and Tagging
  • Table Scan Metrics
  • Changelog Scans
  • Spark FunctionCatalog

More details can be found here.

A spec for “materialized views” in Iceberg was proposed.
A new SnowflakeCatalog implementation to directly enable using Snowflake-managed Iceberg tables was proposed.
Commit metrics were added
JMH Benchmarks are now running every Sunday

PyIceberg Updates

Version 0.2.0 was released, with major features that include:

  • Read support using PyArrow and DuckDB
  • Support for AWS Glue

More information can be found on the revamped project site and can be installed here

Iceberg In the Industry

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Senior Software Engineer, OSS

Improve Apache Iceberg by building new capabilities for Tabular and the community

Senior Software Engineer, Product

Design services and using cloud infrastructure to build a resilient and scalable data platform

Senior UI Engineer

Design and implement Tabular’s user experience, where people will create, monitor, and manage their data platform

Developer Advocate

Build examples to solve real-world challenges, write tutorials that help developers succeed, and be a community liaison

Developer Experience Engineer

Build technical documentation and tutorials, assist in maintaining the release processes, and lower the time to dopamine (TTD) of developers using Apache Iceberg