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Iceberg Updates

Version 1.1 was released, which added API stability guarantees, in addition to these highlights:

  • Puffin Stats Files
  • Branching and Tagging
  • Table Scan Metrics
  • Changelog Scans
  • Spark FunctionCatalog

More details can be found here.

A spec for “materialized views” in Iceberg was proposed.
A new SnowflakeCatalog implementation to directly enable using Snowflake-managed Iceberg tables was proposed.
Commit metrics were added
JMH Benchmarks are now running every Sunday

PyIceberg Updates

Version 0.2.0 was released, with major features that include:

  • Read support using PyArrow and DuckDB
  • Support for AWS Glue

More information can be found on the revamped project site and can be installed here

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