Tabular publishes Apache Iceberg Cookbook with 34 initial recipes

Iceberg Cookbook table of contents

Apache Iceberg is now the de facto open format for analytic tables. That has been a surprisingly swift rise, moving from primarily large tech companies like Netflix and Apple to near-universal support from major data warehouses for use by their customers in about 18 months. That’s a stunning development that speaks to the massive value of a truly open and ubiquitous table format.

To help practitioners harness the power of Iceberg, we’ve put together the Apache Iceberg Cookbook; a series of “recipes” written to help you be productive with Iceberg. We cover the basics, such as creating a table or connecting Amazon EMR, as well as advanced topics such as implementing change data capture, a write-audit-publish pattern, or incremental processing.

The initial release comes with 34 recipes, and we will continue to build this library over time. To get notifications of new recipes, follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our emails at tabular.io.

And also to report errors or provide feedback on these recipes, please email cookbook@tabular.io!